Part Time On Campus

All NNU students are eligible to apply for work on campus. Students are encouraged to apply for positions of interest by following the directions listed in each posting. Once a student is hired for an on-campus position, she/he must complete the following steps prior to starting work. NO work is to be performed prior to the completion of this process:

  1. The hiring department/office completes a student employment form and turns it in to HR/Payroll.
  2. Student receives and responds to email from Zenefits(NNU's HR Information System) -- student will set-up a Zenefits account and upload identification as instructed through the website. You will want to plan ahead and bring the acceptable identification with you to NNU, in order to not delay your hiring process.  Here is a list of acceptable documents.
  3. Student takes same identification uploaded to Zenefits to HR (must be non-expired, original documents).
  4. Once HR verifies identification, supervisor will be advised of complete onboarding and student can begin work - NO work is to be performed prior to the completion of this step.
  5. An email from HR will be sent to the student and their supervisor explaining the ADP Registration process so they can register and start time entry.  The pay period starts the 16th of each month and ends the 15th of the next month.  All hours will need to be entered by the end of the 15th day of the month.

First-time students are encouraged to work no more than 15 hours per week at any job or combination of jobs on campus.  If you were hired to work 10 hours per week at the current minimum wage, you could earn approximately $2,200 over the academic year.


Technical Records Assistant

The CPD Student Technical Records Assistant works within the office of the NNU Center for Professional
Development to help the Center staff with the processing of records and documents such as transcripts
and course entry. In addition, the position may include assisting customers via phone, computer, or face-
to-face interaction. The right candidate will have a high work ethic, be self-motivated, like to stay
very busy, and interact well with office staff. We are looking for a student that will be able to work 8 - 10
hours through the school year and continue through summer with 25 hours per week.

Skills and Qualifications

  •  Strong attentiveness to detail
     Quick learner of complex processes
     Ability to stay focused within workload of computer data entry
     Ability to do mail runs as assigned
     Positive attitude and outlook
     Ability to interact with and assist customers

  • Opens: 10/12/2017
  • Closes: 11/12/2017
  • Rate of Pay: $7.25
  • Hours/Days: 10 / Spring, 25 / Summer
  • Type of position: Part Time (On Campus)
  • How to apply: - Email resume of work history, personal / professional references to
  • Employer Name: NNU Center for Professional Development
  • Employer Phone: 208-467-8374
  • Employer Mailing Address: 623 S. University Blvd
  • Employer Contact: Anna Miller
  • Email Address:
  • Website:

Conference and Events Technical Assistant Crew (Multiple Positions Available)

Like being involved in most events on campus? Have a technical mind set and willing to learn new technology in the events set-up world? Maybe Conference and Events is for you! We are involved in chapel, Boise Philharmonic, outdoor and indoor events and so much more through out the year.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Assist with event set-up, operations and strike
  • Perform lighting and sound design for smaller events
  • Serve as sound and lighting engineer at events
  • Move tables, chairs, and other equipment as directed
  • Assist with venue preparation and clean-up as necessary
  • Must be available to work some evenings and weekends

  • Opens: 08/02/2017
  • Closes: 05/11/2018
  • Rate of Pay: Range: $7.25-$8.00
  • Hours/Days: Flexible work schedule based on school and extracurricular activities.
  • Type of position: Part Time (On Campus)
  • How to apply: Please submit resume and introduction letter to Rick Strater, Technical and Artistic Director -
  • Employer Name: NNU Conference and Events
  • Employer Phone:
  • Employer Mailing Address:
  • Employer Contact: Rick Strader, Technical and Artistic Director
  • Email Address:
  • Website: