Part Time On Campus

All NNU students are eligible to apply for work on campus. Students are encouraged to apply for positions of interest by following the directions listed in each posting. Once a student is hired for an on-campus position, she/he must complete the following steps prior to starting work. NO work is to be performed prior to the completion of this process:

  1. The hiring department/office completes a student employment form and turns it in to HR/Payroll.
  2. Student receives and responds to email from Zenefits(NNU's HR Information System) -- student will set-up a Zenefits account and upload identification as instructed through the website. You will want to plan ahead and bring the acceptable identification with you to NNU, in order to not delay your hiring process.  Here is a list of acceptable documents.
  3. Student takes same identification uploaded to Zenefits to HR (must be non-expired, original documents).
  4. Once HR verifies identificaiton, supervisor will be advised of complete onboarding and student can begin work - NO work is to be performed prior to the completion of this step.
  5. An email from HR will be sent to the student and their supervisor explaining the ADP Registration process so they can register and start time entry.  The pay period starts the 16th of each month and ends the 15th of the next month.  All hours will need to be entered by the end of the 15th day of the month.

First-time students are encouraged to work no more than 15 hours per week at any job or combination of jobs on campus.  If you were hired to work 10 hours per week at the current minimum wage, you could earn approximately $2,200 over the academic year. 


Quality Assurance Assistant

The NNU Online Quality Assurance Assistant will work with the NNU Online Services office in supporting faculty developing or refining online courses in a variety of subjects. This position will assist with ensuring that online courses are accessible to students with disabilities, compliant with copyright law, and, as much as possible, free of typographical errors. The QA assistant reports to the Instructional Designer in the NNU Online Services office. Hours will be set between the QA assistant and supervisor and may be completed in and/or outside the office. Successful applicants will receive paid training upon hire. Specific Duties * Conduct usability, accessibility, and quality assurance testing related to online course development and refinement, including but not limited to the following: -- Correct course content with spelling, grammatical, and/or punctuation errors -- Pilot-test course materials from the student perspective, checking for broken links and missing images -- Add or correct alternative text on course images and links -- Edit course organizational structure as needed to apply styles -- Create closed captions and/or transcripts for multimedia files -- Check course content for instances of possible copyright infringement * Keep detailed records regarding courses checked, time spent, and tasks completed * Assist with management of course peer reviews * Perform other duties as assigned

Skills and Qualifications
General Requirements * Current NNU student at any level (Undergraduate or Graduate), carrying a minimum of 6 credits in Fall and Spring semesters * Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA * Excellent customer service, organizational, time management, and communication skills * Very high attention to detail * Ability to proofread and correct written text * Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite 2007 or above * Familiarity with G Suite (Google Apps for Education) * Aptitude to quickly learn how to use technologies that may be new, or in new ways * Ability to work dependably and responsibly with or without direct supervision * Ability to use interpersonal and collaborative skills to work effectively as part of a team * Ability to maintain confidentiality related to course content, faculty/student records and internal communications Preferred Requirements * Familiarity with guidelines for digital accessibility, including closed captioning * Familiarity with guidelines for complying with copyright law * Familiarity with the Canvas learning management system * Familiarity with HTML * Familiarity with Adobe Premiere or Camtasia Studio * Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite 2007 or above, including the use of styles * Proficiency with G Suite (Google Apps for Education), including the use of styles * Familiarity with Quality Matters™ standards for online course design

  • Opens: 02/27/2017
  • Closes: 03/27/2017
  • Rate of Pay: $8.00 per hour
  • Hours/Days: Up to 10 hrs a week/ Flexible
  • Type of position: Part Time (On Campus)
  • How to apply: Interested students should submit a resume, letter of interest and an unofficial copy of their transcript to ​​Crystal Nielsen, ​
  • Employer Name: NNU Online office
  • Employer Phone: 2084678359
  • Employer Mailing Address: NNU, Box E, 623 S. University Blvd.
  • Employer Contact: Crystal Nielsen
  • Email Address:
  • Website: